Curved Frame for Semi-Rigid Screens for Broadcast

Stewart's Semi-Rigid screens utilize a 3/16" acrylic substrate coated with our AeroPlex 90, multiprojector, edge blending, rear projection screen formulation. The screens can be curved to your specified radius to allow an immersive widescreen format. Image sizes up to 100" H x 80' W o.d. Factory-produced screen containment frames are custom manufactured to your size and radius requirements.

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Screen Material Quick Reference Guide

Rear Projection

Material Name Gain Half Gain Color Description
AeroPlex 90 0.9 71 Degrees Off-White

AeroPlex 90 is an acrylic, rear projection, screen material formulated to provide excellent white field uniformity. AeroPlex 90 performs well in environments where ambient light can be controlled. AeroPlex 90 is appropriate for extremely wide viewing angles and is ideally suited to extremely short throw projection light paths. Click Here to download spec sheet.

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