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Simulation and Virtual Imaging


No matter what your display configuration is, Stewart has the solution.

Segmented Screens. Near-zero gap between adjacent images with both front and rear projection screens scenarios available in both rigid acrylic and flexible screen models.

Edge-Blending Screens. Stewart manufactures both front and rear projection screens, optically engineered for edge-blending applications, assuring a smooth and even image transition of overlapping projected areas. We can custom-build single-axis curved screens in both flexible or semi-rigid substrates. We also manufacture compound curved screens (partial domes) completely seamless, which can also be transportable.


  • F-16 Simulator Screens

    End User: Lockheed Martin

  • Seamless, Compound-Curved Screen

    End User:  Northrop Grumman-Newport News

    Location:  Ship Building

  • Rear Projection Screen

    ATC Tower

    End User: Indra Sistemas, S.A.

    Location:  Madrid, Spain

  • Level D Flight Simulation Screen for Collimated Optics

  • Completely Seamless, Compound-Curved Screen with GrayMatte 70, Edge-Blending Surface

  • Five-Sided Cave

    Integrator:  Mechdyne Corpration

  • Semi-Rigid, Blended, Front Projection, 3-D Screen

  • Large, Compound-Curved Screen's Plenum Construction

    Location:  Stewart’s Factory Yard; Torrance, CA

  • 5-Sided Cave

    End User:  Airbus

    Integrator:  VISCON-Germany

    Location:  Hamburg, Germany

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