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Designer Motorized Wall Mount Cabaret

Its sleek and stylish contemporary design allows the Cabaret Screen to seamlessly blend into any environment

  • Features:
    • Motorized, retractable screen system
    • Custom sizes and aspect ratios (Available in sizes up to 7'8" H x 10'6" W o.d.)
    • For larger sizes consult factory
    • 3-1/4” diameter roller tube with sound-dampening insulated screen drive
    • Aluminum extrusion housing/case (standard black finish)
    • Available with all Stewart's flexible materials
    • Proprietary Tab-Guy tensioning system ensures a smooth and flat screen surface
    • Matte-black overscan border* provides for a perfectly masked image area
    • Mount to the wall
    • Standard intelligent media controller (IMC) with wall switch included
  • Available Options:
    • Rear projection models
    • Acoustic perforation on front projection models
    • Multiple housing finishes available. See color chart. (Valance and end caps)
    • Lutron silent motor technology and custom control options
    • LED mood lighting
    • 6” wall offset bracket


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See this product in these applications:

With a beautiful housing, the Cabaret Screen offers an innovative approach to motorized roll down screens. The Cabaret is perfect for multimedia room installations including conference rooms, boardrooms, and any environment where cosmetics are a high consideration. Its sleek and contemporary design makes it possible to install a front projection system into any size space, with any décor and even though it is exposed, it can complement any environment. As well as being a beautiful addition to any multimedia environment, the Cabaret Series frame was constructed to make installation quick and easy. For instance, the standard sliding adjustable wall-mount bracket, built-in bubble level, and cable management system ensure an uncluttered appearance hiding power and home automation connections in a simple and installer friendly design.

The ease and flexibility of installation extends to the motor unit as well, giving installers the option of using any motor they choose including Lutron QS, QED, and Legacy 120V quiet motors. For rooms where both a flat panel monitor and retractable front screen are desired, an optional mount allows the Cabaret Screen to be installed above a TV (or picture frame). The mount has a cantilevered design so that the screen is deployed without touching the flat panel monitor. LED mood lighting is also available, which slightly illuminates the room for a more comfortable viewing experience.

Screen Material Quick Reference Guide

Front Projection

Material Name Gain Half Gain Color Description
GrayMatte 70 0.7 Full lambertian diffuser Gray

GrayMatte 70 is a flexible front projection screen material formulated for use in front projection edge blending applications.

StudioTek 100 1.0 Full lambertian diffuser White

StudioTek 100 is a flexible front projection matte-white screen formulated to meet the strictest color and white field uniformity standards. 

FireHawk® 1.1 35 Degrees Gray

FireHawk in its fourth generation is a flexible front projection screen surface engineered for use with today’s high-powered projection technology in applications involving the presence of ambient light. 

UltraMatte 130 1.3 80 Degrees White

UltraMatte 130 is a flexible front projection screen material that is formulated for high output broadcast quality projection systems. 

StudioTek 130 G3 1.3 80 degrees White

StudioTek 130 G3 is a flexible front projection screen material that is formulated to provide optimized white field uniformity unmatched by competing gain screens. 

UltraMatte 150 1.5 61 Degrees White

UltraMatte 150 is a flexible front projection screen material that is formulated for use in large format applications or when a projector limitation requires a little more punch. 

Rear Projection

Material Name Gain Half Gain Color Description
AeroView 70 0.7 82 Degrees Off-White

AeroView 70 is a flexible rear projection screen material formulated specifically for ultra short throw light paths, edge blended and edge matched display systems. 

FilmScreen 100 1.0 39 Degrees Gray

FilmScreen 100 is a flexible rear projection screen material formulated with a neutral density gray tint for enhanced contrast. FilmScreen 100 offers very wide viewing angles for a contrast enhanced material and works well in short throw projection light paths.

AeroView 100 1.0 63 Degrees Off-White

AeroView 100 is a flexible rear projection screen material formulated to provide excellent white field uniformity. The AeroView 100 performs superbly in environments where ambient light can be controlled and is appropriate for wider viewing angles.

LumiFlex 130 1.3 42 Degrees Off-White

LumiFlex 130 is a flexible rear projection screen material formulated at a higher gain and is appropriate for larger screen sizes or low output projectors. LumiFlex 130 offers excellent white field uniformity, has a gain factor 30% above unity and delivers a lot of energy.

FilmScreen 150 1.5 31 Degrees Gray

Tint for enhanced contrast. FilmScreen 150 is a perfect choice for passive 3-D applications. FilmScreen 150 is excellent in rooms where high ambient light is a concern and is appropriate for moderate viewing angles.

Standard Controls

Control Power Options Description
Low Voltage Control w/ Wall Switch (LVC) 115V / 220V

Low voltage screen control (includes optional wall switch) will allow for switching conductors to be run in Class II (small wire, exposed, no conduit), and will interface with most outboard video switching systems.

Optional Controls

Control Power Options Description
Wireless Remote Control (WRC) 115V / 220V

This kit uses radio frequency (RF) signals to control an external receiver that is connected to the screen's motor leads and plugs directly into a standard AC outlet. Up, down, and stop functions.

Infrared Remote (IRR) 115V / 220V

The IRR is an Infrared Low Voltage Control (LVC). System includes modular, plug in infrared (IR) sensor and hand held transmitter. 




Typical Configurations

1.78:1 CAB100HB-6-3-6 49" X 87" Download Download
CAB110HB-6-3-6 54" X 96" Download Download
CAB123HB-6-3-6 60" X 107" Download Download
CAB133HB-12-4-7 65-1/4" X 116" Download Download
1.60:1 CAB113DB-6-3-6 60" X 96" Download Download
CAB123DB-6-3-6 65" X 104" Download Download
CAB137DB-12-4-7 72-1/2" X 116" Download Download
CAB156D-14.5-7-9 82-1/2" X 132" Download Download
2.35:1 CAB103SB-6-3-6 40-1/2" X 95" Download Download
CAB115SB-6-3-6 45" X 105-3/4" Download Download
CAB125SB-6-3-6 49" X 115" Download Download
CAB138SB-6-3-6 54" X 127" Download Download

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