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  • The art of innovation. The trust of tradition.

    We’re more than just screens — we’re a group of dreamers, designers, and forward-thinkers who want to craft unbelievable viewing experiences. And with over 70 years in the projection screen industry, you're guaranteed to get a product that's designed with integrity and built to last.

We’ve made Hollywood sparkle with excitement, home cinemas glow with wonder, and conference halls shine with inspiration

We are driven by a passion to continually craft products that are smarter, stronger and perfectly fit for you.

Some call us old fashioned, we call it caring

More importantly, we call it taking responsibility for what we build and valuing the people we build it for.

Handcrafted from the molecular level

Simply put, we do it ourselves, from start to finish. Beginning with raw plastic resins and pigments, we compound and form them into finished fabrics and continue through with thoughtful frame design and construction.

One screen does not fit all projection needs

Projection conditions vary. That is why we are application driven. Room seating, throw distances, ambient lighting, front and rear projection requirements, 3D workflow, and other factors all impact the image on the screen. Stewart makes over 25 different screen materials to meet the demands of each projection environment. As always, each screen is meticulously custom made for your specific application.

Uniformity and color accuracy are everything

Do you want the best viewing experience? Only Stewart can promise and deliver color uniformity no matter your viewing angle. Additionally, you can rest assured that the colors coming from your projector are not being altered by the screen.

We're the reference screen

When major movie production companies need a screen for their post-production editing as well as for their screening rooms, they come to Stewart – and they have for a long time. SnoMatte 100,  StudioTek 100, StudioTek 130 G4, and UltraMatte 130 are the reference screens. These unrivaled screens deliver the director’s vision — to see their films in true, life rendering colors and with center to edge uniformity.

Unmatched quality, always seamless

“Virtually seamless” is not the same as seamless. All seams become detectable over time. Uneven tensions are at work on either side of any seam. As the fabric ages, irregularities appear. Dirt and dust can also accumulate along the seam. On roller screens, seams turn into repeating impressions of horizontal bars which will appear in the viewing area. With Stewart, you never have seams. All the way to 40 by 90 feet – unmatched in the industry.

Projectors come and go, but Stewart projection screens remain

Many of our customers tell us how they have gone through multiple projector upgrades while their Stewart screen continues to perform perfectly. You know you are getting durability and a lasting quality when you purchase Stewart.

The masters of masking

Our masking systems feature closed loop digital control interfaces, all encoder equipped to store positions. Each one is simple to program, jog, and will work flawlessly with all room automation systems. Our masking fabrics have been carefully sourced to combine deep black absorption of stray light with superb acoustical transparency.

Preferred large venue screen

When the world’s leading companies bring their new products and creativity to market via keynote presentations, Stewart Filmscreen is asked to provide the perfect, large format surface to deliver their message. We make the largest, seamless framed and roller screens available and our customers trust us to get it right. Every time.

Academy Award winning screens

We are the only screen manufacturer to win an Academy Award (two in total) for technical merit — a testament to our commitment to constantly create the best screens imaginable — and maybe a little unimaginable as well.

Unrivaled technical support

We maintain a team of qualified customer service professionals to help with any questions or concerns. We also offer experienced field technicians to help with field service management. Whether you need an install, a rescreen, or commissioning work, our team of experts will respond quickly to give you maximum uptime.

We are process driven

ISO 9001:2015, THX Ultra, ISF Certified. Members of SMPTE, A.N.S.I. Steering Committees.

Made in the USA

We are proud to manufacture all of our projection screens and screen materials in our production facility in California. We value the expertise and workmanship of our employees. Our team helps to design and handcraft every custom screen as we closely monitor each stage of the manufacturing and QC process.

Corporate responsibility

Our focus on quality extends to our commitment to environmental stewardship. All of our products are produced with durability in mind, producing less environmental waste. Our screen fabrics and mounting systems are all GREENGUARD Gold Certified which are approved for use in environments such as schools and healthcare facilities.

Experience the Stewart difference – creators of wow-worthy moments of timeless quality and superior design – made just for you

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