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When crafting and delivering message is a critical mission

When the world's leading companies deliver their keynote presentations, Stewart Filmscreen is the trusted partner. Each venue is unique, and our customers want amazing to happen. We have the tenured experience to deliver.

Polished presentations

Stewart Filmscreen has the committed attention to detail present in every product. Our screen systems are a key component in maintaining the clearest channel possible for delivering a presentation to your team or customers.

Electrically operated screens that are elegant and durable

Our electrically operated range of screens is best in class. We've got models with trap doors, models with self-finishing flanges, two-piece modular installation, and the world’s largest rollers — all complemented with the finest selection of screen materials in front or rear projection currently available. Each model is designed to last and is field updatable as projection technologies evolve.

Two-piece projection systems are much more affordable

LEDs are expensive options. The larger the image, the more punishing the price. Appropriate pixel pitch with LED panel solutions are orders of magnitudes higher in price than two-piece projection.

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