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Built to last with best in class image fidelity

Stewart Filmscreen has a full range of screen systems and is your reliable partner for knowledge delivery. We are proud to serve an amazing portfolio of the world's leading academic institutions. Our customers understand that quality equates to value over the long term. We provide lasting assets which are reliable and functional to the highest standard.

Statement installations for large scale learning environments

Higher educational institutions compete for the world’s best students, and Stewart Filmscreen delivers the world’s best imaging surfaces for statement, educational venues. Our team of seasoned engineers bring audacious concepts off the page and into the building. We know that each educational setting has specific requirements and our mission is to design and engineer the perfect screen to match each learning venue.

Electric screens optimized

The lecture hall is a classic setting which continues to evolve. Stewart delivers best in class retractable screen systems that are present and perfect when needed, and out of view when appropriate.

“The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.” — Herbert Spencer

An important part of any family business is bringing along the next generation. Fourth generation family members, Claire Stewart — Cornell University ’20, and John Stewart — Ohio State University ’22, along with Marlin Leon — 12 years of service, and Azael Marquez — 27 years, take time out during a busy day to pose for a photo op. Both Claire and John have spent many summers learning the art of screen making, as taught by our amazing team of dedicated professionals.

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