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Film & Broadcast

Complete screen systems for film post-production and broadcast

Stewart is known worldwide as the most requested provider of reference standard screens for studio Q.C. digital intermediate and critical viewing for dailies, dubbing and editing.

Always fully loaded and ready for action

Stewart's unrivaled range of masking equipped, reference screen systems are all custom configured to your workflow. We offer 4-way, vertical and horizontal masking on many of our popular screen models. All screens are digitally controlled and can be integrated into any automation platform. Need 3D and 2D in uniquely optimized surfaces for use on the same day? The Daily Dual Director's Choice will deliver two screen surfaces and 4-way, vertical and horizontal masking, all at the press of a button.

Reference fabrics with MicroPerf X² and classic CinemaPerf perforation

Stewart's SnoMatte and StudioTek 100, StudioTek 130, and the UltraMatte series of fabrics are the best guarantee that you will find no fault with the images that you see on the screen. These fabrics provide exceptional solutions that are application specific. All perforation processes are not the same. Stewart's proprietary perforation process is carefully calibrated to deliver exacting results. With Stewart you can experience the same superior quality as the leading studios and processors worldwide. What is delivered to the viewer is exactly as it was intended during the filmmaking process.

What is your workflow?

Stewart offers 4-channel independent masking systems equipped to deliver perfect pixel for pixel presentation of any digital pixel map. If you have simpler workflow, we build constant width, DCI tailored masking systems or constant height or constant area type systems that are paired with memory zoom and other projector features. Our seasoned engineers are prepared to help guide or answer any questions you may have to guarantee your system matches your specifications and delivers your work perfectly.

Simplicity for work on the go

Stewart's reference fabrics are not restricted to feature laden mounting systems. If you need a simple snap wall mounted or small electrically operated screen for location dailies, we've got them.

Not sure what you need?

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