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Gaming & Virtual Reality

Games can be played life size

Enjoy all the detail and visceral excitement of game environments at 1:1 scale. In a collaborative game setting, a shared large scale screen is the best way to enhance the thrill of play. With a large scale game environment, what was once a solitary pursuit turns into a magnified family or party event. Experience gaming unhinged on your very own, 16K+ Stewart projection screen. It doesn’t get any better.

Prepare for the ultimate gaming experience

With Stewart, group gaming has never been easier or more enthralling. Transform your old, split screen group gaming sessions into multiple, full size quadrants — uncompromising in neither visual space nor optical quality. Never sell short on group gaming ever again.

Curved or cave?

Stewart Filmscreen will fabricate your virtual environment in either front or rear projection, 3D or 2D. Immersive environments can be as simple as a single axis curve, or something more immersive with a Torus compound curve. We can also fabricate a fully enveloping, five-sided cave.

Broad variety of mounting systems available

Stewart combines our excellent 3D capable fabrics with a nonrestrictive ability to offer those fabrics in virtually any mounting conceivable. We build 3D surfaces in any size in either framed or retractable. Our fabrics are optically engineered to meet your specific needs and our mounting options are only limited to your imagination.

Take image immersion into another dimension

The full line of Stewart imaging surfaces can be augmented with pinpoint sonic localization via acoustically transparent screen surfaces. Surprisingly few of our competitors can deliver the sonic dimension — and in a mounting configuration that meets your application — that we can. MicroPerf X² gets you a 3D surface on which you can experience viewing positions as close as 11 feet with perfect placement of all visual and sonic elements.

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