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Large Venue & Auditorium

The most experienced partner in the industry for large seamless projection screens

Stewart builds the largest, most immaculate, seamless projection screens in the world. We invented the large format, electrically operated screen. We'll build exactly to your specifications — up to 40 by 90 feet, front or rear projection in a framed configuration, and up to 45 feet of image width in electrically operated screens.

Need a big screen? No problem

Whether your need is front projection or rear, permanent mount or flying, or rental and staging, Stewart has a frame and screen system that is perfectly appropriate for your venue. Stewart's unique fabric capabilities offer a myriad of surfaces, all ideally matched to the projector and venue, and... all seamless. Stewart has a ready vocabulary of framing solutions, flat or curved, masked or wraparound, including lightweight flying systems, as well as beautiful rear projection truss frames. Add masking? OK, let's do it.

Attention-getting, giant roller screens — done right

Sometimes a huge screen also needs to disappear. Stewart Filmscreen has a full range of solutions for flush ceiling mount or flying behind a proscenium. Stewart manufactures beautifully built machines meant to remain an asset for the life of the building. Stewart's rollers range from 3 inch compact roller tubes with in-tube motors to 10 inch drum giants with continuous duty motors which can run in the most demanding theme park conditions. All are designed for the long haul and can receive fabric updates in the field.

We're deeply experienced in large format images

Stewart produces large scale framing with results in mind. From aperture mounted simple lacing bars, to fly worthy truss structures for huge rear projection applications, we have a profile that makes total sense for your installation. Do you simply require lacing bars for assembly to a constructed set fascia? We have angular and flat profiles for those applications. We produce the workhorse AT 3.0 frame which scales appropriately, assembles in minutes and protects the screen nicely. The line continues with flying truss profiles to take super resolution imaging in rear projection, to large scale viewing. These frames are what you watch during awards shows and other high profile keynote events.

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