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Why not watch films at home on the exact same surface they were crafted upon?

Stewart Filmscreen has a unique privilege and responsibility in regards to serving the community of studios and post-production artists who comprise the cinema industry. Our shared California roots — and a short car trip to Hollywood — set us up as a convenient and cooperative partner for cinema production.

Reference screen surfaces, presented in your home

SnoMatte 100, StudioTek 100, StudioTek 130, and UltraMatte 130 are the workhorse fabrics present on the walls when Hollywood goes to work. Why not use the exact same optically immaculate fabrics when you bring reference viewing into your home.

Masking systems featuring hand selected fabrics

We are known throughout the industry for having the best masking systems available. From our carefully sourced fabrics to our flawlessly performing masking system, you know you are simply getting the best that money can buy.

No other screen company does home cinema better

The everyday wordbook of Stewart Filmscreen is very deep in home cinema. We've done more of it than anyone else and it shows in the products we have created: Director's Choice, VistaScope, CineCurve, Cine-V and many others. No projection screen company does it better. See for yourself, and roll a masking system up into your ceiling if you like.

You never knew it could look this good

We want you to have years of enjoyment with your home cinema system. The screen is the last stop before your eyes register the content before you. Having the right screen surface is simply the best way to guarantee that you will.

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