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Theme Parks, Entertainment & Other Specialty

The theme based entertainment industry — our first and most exacting customers

Stewart Filmscreen is based in the Los Angeles, CA area — home of the development of cinema and home to the founders of the theme park industry. We are very proud of our contributions to theme park environments, which now reach most corners of the globe, and of the technologies we've developed to further the evolution of attraction based projection environments. Shown above is Stewart’s AT 3.0 frame, which is frequently used in theme park projection applications.

The art of imaging extends beyond the literal

Stewart builds custom screen surfaces. We also coat customer supplied shapes to furnish projected images in some very unusual forms. Theme park designers come up with challenges to deliver multidimensional content in some really unexpected ways. We are proud to be a frequent partner to bring these projects to life.

Large scale capability with attention to detail

The maintenance of a magical environment or illusion is predicated on sound engineering and attention to detail. The assets we build have to be robust in the extreme and also be capable of 365 days of uptime per year. Stewart's wide vocabulary of fabrics and mounting systems has deep roots in providing leading theme park designers and engineers the solutions they specify.

Huge, rear projection flying systems, engineered properly

We offer a selection of self-supporting, truss section frames for large scale, flying rear projection images. These specialty frames are commonly used for theme parks, keynote addresses, and other specialty events. Making these screens work in dimensions greater than 30 feet can be a real challenge for any screen manufacturer. At Stewart, we can deliver these large scale screens in images up to fifty feet in width. Once you see our screens work, it is hard to step down to another screen company.

Durability to the extreme

Many theme parks operate 365 days a year entertaining and making memories for thousands of people each and every day — so the gear has to work. Stewart is a long-time proven partner for attraction based, global businesses that experience extremely high guest traffic.

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