FireHawk G5 - Stewart

FireHawk G5

Gain: 1.1, Max size: 8'6" x 120'

Superb black levels, excellent shadow detailing, and superior overall color saturation

Fifth generation FireHawk is a flexible, front projection screen surface engineered for use with today’s high-powered projection technology for applications involving the presence of ambient light. As always, ambient light is the enemy of two-piece projection. Stewart Filmscreen is in the business of image fidelity and FireHawk G5 is designed to provide the best possible trade-off between image fidelity and ambient light resistance. With increased image contrast and even better, off-axis viewing, FireHawk G5 delivers image exactness along with superior high contrast levels that have long been synonymous with Stewart Filmscreen. This is truly a great screen fabric.

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Material Type Flexible Front
Maximum Size 8'6"(h) 120'(w)
Peak Gain 1.1
Half Gain 35°
Ambient Light Rejection Value 73%
Ambient Light Resistance Good
Minimum Throw Distance 1.6 x Image Width
Edge Blending Properties N/A
Passive 3D use No
Lay Flat Quality Excellent
Flame Resistance Yes
Can be Perforated Yes

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