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Comfy, Cozy Three-Seat Theatre Brings Big Entertainment to Russian Residence

Comfy, Cozy Three-Seat Theatre Brings Big Entertainment to Russian Residence

This upscale house with an impressive new home theatre is located in the suburb of Novosibirsk in Siberia, Russia. The entertainment area of the 10,000-plus square foot private residence proves that small can work well for an impressive home theatre with Stewart Filmscreen projection technologies integral to the application. 

The room, located on the ground floor, features a rectangular configuration that’s 326.2 square feet (30.3 square meters)  long with a ceiling height of 13 feet (4 meters). But the unique space didn’t stop Russian home theater installation company Artinstall from designing a cozy and powerful entertainment area per the owner’s instructions.

The room was originally designed by the architect as a cinema hall and the owner wanted to create a high-quality media room with primary seating for three. The design and implementation of the project spanned nearly two years, with Artinstall providing custom design and implementation.

Artinstall, the premier home theatre and custom installation integrator in Russia, handled the following parts of the project:

Design and technical concept, room acoustics, simulation and reverberation analysis (RT60). Acoustic treatment materials and structures selection. Technical deployment design buildout of acoustic framework construction, cabling layout, electronics hardware, light fixtures, lamps and decorative materials. Lighting control and electronics software programming, room acoustics calibration.

“From the onset of the project the customer wanted to make the best use of the space with appropriate equipment”, says Anton Usanov, chief executive officer of ArtInstall.

Artinstall specified a 7.2-channel loudspeaker and a JBL synthesis system with room equalization processor. For video, they proposed a JVC DILA video projector and Stewart Filmscreen for the projection screen.

“We offered the owner the superior, custom capabilities of Stewart Filmscreen projection technology, because we knew it was a high-quality product. They trusted our professional choice and we knew Stewart would deliver,” Mr. Usanov says. The Perforado, or perforated screen, runs a diagonal size of 153 inches and has an aspect ratio of 2.35:1. The product is part of the Stewart Filmscreen Luxus Deluxe Wallscreen series.

“We needed a screen with sound transmission capabilities which would minimize sound loss. In addition, the unique Microperf sound perforations are invisible to screen viewers from their seats, and that was critical to the screen selection. With unrivaled performance characteristics, and superior Stewart Filmscreen projection technologies, we were able to achieve high-quality imagery in such a small room,” he says.

The home’s chief architect proposed the minimalist style of the house with monochrome colors—often referred to as Bauhaus—and the main design concept was mirrored in the home theatre. The main design elements in this personal home cinema include special sculptured acoustic panels incorporated with lighting elements and fixtures designed to underline their forms. Home theatre lighting includes monochromatic sources (halogen lamps, LED) and RGB light (LED), which can be configured using the dimmer light control panel or regulated via an iPad.

The iPad is also used as the main remote control for the implementation. “For this project, we developed a unique control interface,” says Mr. Usanov. “Each element of the interface is created and located according to ergonomic principles of design.”

Mr. Usanov said the Artinstall team achieved the goals of the homeowner for a stunning home theatre space with quality projection technology imaging in a spectacular design. “We managed to combine the design, functionality, and the best achievements of modern technologies into this space – within budget.”



Anton Usanov, CEO

Equipment List:

JVC DLA-RS55 Projector

Stewart Filmscreen Luxus Deluxe Wallscreen

JBL Synthesis SAM1HF + JBL Synthesis SAM2LF speakers

JBL Synthesis S4Ai surround sound

 JBL Synthesis S1S subwoofers

JBL Synthesis SDP-40HD preamplifiers

JBL Synthesis S7165 amplifier

JBL Synthesis S820

JBL Synthesis SDEC-3000 equalizer

Integra DBS-30.3 Blu-ray players

Earthquake XJ-600R tactile transducer’s amplifier

Earthquake Q10B tactile transducer

RTI XP-8S control processor

Niveo NGS8T2 switch

AMX NXA-WA1000 smart wireless access point

Furman ELITE-16PFE ultra-linear AC power source

Furman SB-1000 uninterruptible power supply

Middle Atlantic SRSR rack systems

Delta Light DreamLED lighting

Lutron Grafik Eye lighting control

Apple iPad control panel

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