Harmony G2 Weave Performance Evaluation

Before releasing Harmony G2 weave screen material, we put it through some rigorous testing. We knew that the product looked and sounded great — revealing brilliant images and immersive audio. But to confirm what we heard with our own ears, we tapped the prestigious third-party acoustic consulting house, SH Acoustics in Milford, Connecticut, to confirm the audio performance of Harmony G2.

SH Acoustics consists of a team of prominent acoustic consultants who have worked all over the world on projects ranging from museums, exhibit halls, custom home theaters, and whole-house acoustics. See what these experts have to say about Stewart’s new Harmony G2.

The video testing was completed in-house by Mark Robinson, a 30+ year employee and Vice President of Customer Experience at Stewart Filmscreen. Learn why Harmony G2 takes weave screen color rendition to a whole, new level. 

The test result links are below.

Harmony G2 Test Results by SH Acoustics
Harmony G2 Visual Test Results

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