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What's the Difference Between Front and Rear Projection Screens?

An early dichotomy in the selection of imaging strategies for a venue is choosing between front or rear projection. The principle advantage of front projection is that the shared space of the light path of the projector and the viewing area are the same, saving valuable venue square footage.

Rear projection has an advantage for presentation and keynote venues because the presenter can address the screen content without the possibility of obscuring the content by standing in the light pathway. Rear projection also offers advantages in improved contrast due to the ability to control illumination in the light path. The separation of the light path from the audience also adds flexibility with lighting in the seating area.

Rear projection remains the most elegant way to frame a message, perfect a design or deliver training. The presenter can interact with what is on-screen without artifact. The delivery of image fidelity is magnitudes higher in resolution than large scale LED. Automotive designer teams rely on our best in class, glass power wall systems for maximum detail, superb color fidelity, exemplary contrast, and also the ability to mark right on the glass with a normal dry erase marker. The client’s message arrives with unparalleled style. This is the very definition of future-proof.

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